Terry Boling - If I Wrap It Tight Enough

"Vicki wrote this book by living life." - Terry

"People often ask me why I let Vicki ride again after her accidents. No one lets Vicki do anything. She does what she wants and sometimes you just need to ride along with her to see where the road takes you." - Terry

October 16
- I first started writing this book because Vicki wouldn't. I had been trying for several years to get her to write this after the first accident, but she didn't think anyone would be interested in her story. After her second accident and vowing to ride a second time, I told her, "If you don't write your story, I will." So, I started writing it by first writing the parts I was present, but then I had to start interviewing her.

Interviewing Vicki started off great at first, but she was still recovering and couldn't ride at the time. Asking her questions about her hey-day of riding and all those memories just made her want to ride that much more. Reminiscing also made her depressed at times because not being able to ride like she used to, and at this time she couldn't ride at all, was all because of the actions of someone else. It would be much easier to accept if the decision to ride was hers, but it wasn't. She didn't want to stop riding.

Vicki would get upset, snippy and snappy as the thoughts of not being able to ride ate her up mentally, so I quit asking her questions. A happy-Vicki is easier to live with than a Not-so-happy-Vicki. This would essentially kill the book's progress until I felt motivated to "poke the sleeping bear" again.

I first started on this book in 2012. It took five years to finish writing it and another ten months of researching the process to turn the manuscript into a tangible product.

And here it is!

I hope you enjoy Vicki's story and gain something from it, whether it be motivation, appreciation for yoru own life, gives you strength to overcome the obstacles you face, or something else positive.



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